Tuesday, 22 May 2012

The Invisibles volume 1 issues 21 to 25

-- These issues are:

The Invisibles volume 1...

Liverpool (#21), House of Fun, The Last Temptation of Jack, Goodbye Baby Rabbits, (the three-issue arc without an overall title: #22, #23, #24), And a Half Dozen of the Other (#25).

-- Collected edition:

These issues are the last five (of the nine) of the third collected edition "Entropy in the U.K." -  pictured.


-- Quote of the month:

George Harper: "Who are the bloody 'INVISIBLES' anyway?"

Jack Flint: "A secret occult conspiracy, dedicated to destroying the world by opening the gates onto... I don't now... Armageddon, the return of the Great Old Ones, the Hopi Fifth World, Ragnarok, you name it."

Mr Six: "No one knows who they are. Perhaps you're one of them George. Perhaps we all are."

(Issue #25, page 15.)

-- Panel of the month:

Issue #25, page 1 - a creation myth (Zoroastrian).