Sunday, 22 April 2012

The Invisibles volume 1 issues 17 to 20

-- These issues are:

The Invisibles volume 1...

ENTROPY IN THE U.K. (#17 and #18 and #19), How I Became Invisible (#20).

-- Collected edition:

These issues are the first four (of the nine) of the third collected edition "Entropy in the U.K." -  pictured.

(A note on the cover. Another wholly new Bolland cover not on any issue of the series. It's a curious cover as unlike the other “wholly new Bolland covers” it doesn't try to up the glamorous quotient.)


-- Quote of the month:

Elfayed: 'Things repeat themselves on all scales, from the smallest to the largest. "As above, so below." '

(Issue #17, page 9.)

-- Panel of the month:

Issue #17, page 19 – Genevieve and Gideon Stargrave.